In this section we present the taphonomies available within CoRA for assignment to individual specimens. We currently only have Bio Taphonomy within CoRA as it is most relevant to forensic anthropologists.

Please note that you can request new taphonoies to be added to CoRA if the one you are looking for is not present by creating a issue/ticket.


Adherent Materials

branch category type subtype
Bio Adherent Materials Adipocere
Bio Adherent Materials Algae/Fungi/Lichens
Bio Adherent Materials Aluminium
Bio Adherent Materials Barnacles
Bio Adherent Materials Copper
Bio Adherent Materials Crystals
Bio Adherent Materials Desiccated Tissue
Bio Adherent Materials Gold
Bio Adherent Materials Hair/Fur
Bio Adherent Materials Insect Debris
Bio Adherent Materials Iron
Bio Adherent Materials Metal
Bio Adherent Materials Oil Residue
Bio Adherent Materials Other Material
Bio Adherent Materials Roots/Rootlets
Bio Adherent Materials Silver
Bio Adherent Materials Soil
Bio Adherent Materials Textile/Impression


branch category type subtype
Bio Biological
Bio Biological Aquatic Scavengers Large
Bio Biological Aquatic Scavengers Small
Bio Biological Bird
Bio Biological Carnivore
Bio Biological Insect
Bio Biological Plant
Bio Biological Rodent


branch category type subtype
Bio Burned Calcined
Bio Burned Charred
Bio Burned Fracture
Bio Burned Smoked

General Color

branch category type subtype
Bio General Color Black
Bio General Color Brown to Dark Brown
Bio General Color Grey
Bio General Color Natural
Bio General Color Tan to Brown
Bio General Color Yellow to Tan

Human Modification

branch category type subtype
Bio Human Modification Bleaching/Cleaning
Bio Human Modification Bone section removed
Bio Human Modification Cut Marks
Bio Human Modification Drill Hole
Bio Human Modification Excavation Damage
Bio Human Modification Hardware Attached
Bio Human Modification Intentional Fracture
Bio Human Modification Other
Bio Human Modification Plaster/Reconstruction Materials
Bio Human Modification Preservatives


branch category type subtype
Bio Physical Cortical Exfoliation/Flaking
Bio Physical Plastic Deformation
Bio Physical Scratches/Abrasions
Bio Physical Sun bleaching
Bio Physical Weathering


branch category type subtype
Bio Staining Black
Bio Staining Black Decomposed Plant Material
Bio Staining Black Decomposition Fluid
Bio Staining Black Mercury
Bio Staining Blue
Bio Staining Blue Vivianite
Bio Staining Brown
Bio Staining Green
Bio Staining Green Algae/Moss
Bio Staining Green Copper/Copper Alloys
Bio Staining Grey/Silver
Bio Staining Grey/Silver Mercury
Bio Staining Orange
Bio Staining Pink
Bio Staining Purple
Bio Staining Red
Bio Staining Rust
Bio Staining White
Bio Staining Yellow